Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ava's First Camping Trip!

Sleeping in the tent
Mom and Ava going to sleep
One of us wants to sleep!
Mom, Ava and Timber at camp
Dad and his girls (minus Christine)

Ava's First Camping Trip II

Why we live in Colorado
Let's go for a walk
Fun on Dad's shoulders
Tom and Ava checking out the lake
Our sweet camp site

Ava's First Camping Trip III

Hiking with Mom
Family "self" Portrait
Beautiful Meadow - perfect lunch spot
Napping in the Outdoors
Ava discovering Larkspur

Ava's First Camping Trip IV

So many new things to view!
and touch!
Hiking with Dad
Colorado girl with the Colorado flower
Don't forget Timber!

The Durango Kid turns 4 Months

Ava had her 4 month dr's appointment on July 13th. She has grown 5 inches since being born, she's now 24.5 inches and weighs 12 pounds! She rolls over onto her stomach and loves checking out new things.
Fun in the car seat with Mr. Bug!

Playing with those feet again!

Daddy and Ava hanging out

Smiles all around