Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visitors, Visitors and more Visitors

Everyone loves string cheese!Early in the month, Ava's friend Zack from daycare came over to play while Daddy and Zack's dad went biking. They had lots of fun!

Then Wendy and Zephyr came to Durango for a day from Ophir. We had lots of fun swimming at the Rec Center. This was Zephyr's first trip to the pool! Ava was wiped out after swimming and fell asleep in the car but Zephyr was still fired up. See his excited smile.

During Grandma Sue's visit we had lots of fun at the parks especially on slides and swings. Ava couldn't get enough of Grandma's lap and all of the books she read.

We even had a furry visitor come stay with us. Ava loved hanging out with Rasta as she is about the same height!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Camping in Tucson

Since Ava's school was closed for Spring Break, we decided that it was a good time to take our first road trip with Ava. We went to Tucson, AZ for a fabulous week. We did some hiking, camping, saw some spring training baseball games, visited the Saguaro National Park and Sonora Desert museum. The weather was perfect and the desert wildflowers were out. We had so much fun we think it might become an annual trip!

The Yaley's get a Truck Camper

Road Trip Breaks!

Hanging out with the Camper

Spring Training Fever with the Colorado Rockies!

Some Desert Scenery

Ava discovers the playground!

Whew! That's one tuckered out camper!